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Obituaries are more popular than ever, and memorializing your loved one is a key part of the grieving process.

But they’re hard to write, or cost an average of $450 to have written for you.

Now, there’s Legacies -

an AI-powered + human-guided professional obituary writer, plus special resources/access to help make the grieving process just a little easier.

all for $0.


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Legacies was built to help grieving individuals & families reduce the stress and pressure associated with memorializing their loved ones after they’ve passed, using the power of GPT-3 artificial intelligence + empathetic human touch - in an interface that’s accessible to all.

Legacies simply asks a few questions in a simple, easily-accessible form, and then uses artificial intelligence with human guidance to give you:

— A fully-custom obituary/epitaph, replete with special memories, service, details, and life facts about your loved one. — Tone control over the text - options including: upbeat, somber, creative, unique, and more. Generative image banners in high resolution, that can be used for services, social media, or longform remembrances. — A brief series of informative articles & exercises to help you and those who grieve with you through this time. Additional support from our network of certified Death Doulas, Funeral Homes, & more, if desired.

What’s Included?

How much does this cost?


No, really.

We’re focused on accessibility to these services, and are funded by our gracious sponsors, partners, and users who order custom services.

How much for custom imagery/services?

We price every client engagement on a custom basis, but, for a benchmark, between our nearshore team & extensive AI toolkit, our custom services cost approximately 10-20% of the cost of a normal graphic designer, and about 2-5% the cost of funeral-home-prepared assets.

Embark on your journey of emotional healing by memorializing your loved one, today.

Getting started with Legacy.RIP takes about five minutes or less, costs you nothing, and is designed to make things just a little bit easier during a particularly difficult time for you & your loved ones.



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What’s Included

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